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Smith Sq Archive

The Smith Square Review - Budget Special

Mutineers or scrutineers?

Patel not sitting Priti

Theresa May was forced into another reshuffle of her beleaguered Cabinet this week, losing her second Minister in the space of seven days. Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel was the next out of the door on Wednesday.

Jared mars Corbyn's Momentum

Government doesn't get the credit

This week, the House of Commons voted by 299-0 to pause the government's controversial 'Universal Credit' welfare reform.

Neighbours from hell 

Conservative party cough-ference

In the general election campaign, Theresa May was often accused of being too robotic. She wouldn’t meet members of the public, she wouldn’t take part in debate, and she would repeat the same line over and over again (who remembers “strong and stable”?).