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Strategic objectives

To launch the first nappy recycling facilities in the UK, raise awareness amongst key target markets (feedstock providers, end markets for bi-products of the recycling process) and demonstrate the landfill diversion impact amongst politicians and the general public.

Areas of support

  • Extensive national and regional media relations programme to support the development of the two sites in the West Midlands and Hayes in London
  • A significant political engagement programme to raise awareness of the potential of Knowaste’s capability of dealing with difficult to manage waste, including a Parliamentary reception in the House of Commons
  • Public consultation and community relations around the site developments to create a favourable impression of the business in support of planning applications
  • Positioning Knowaste President, Roy Brown, as a thought leader on the issue of dealing with absorbent hygiene products


  • 100 pieces of coverage including broadcast media (Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 2 and Sky News); national printed media (Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Times, Guardian, Independent and Daily Mail)
  • 150 registrations of business interest in the services offered by Knowaste
  • Engagement with 70 MPs