Election 2019

Election 2019


We are now deep into the 2019 General Election and we understand how hard it can be to keep up-to-date with the latest political developments. That’s why we at JBP have produced this; your guide to all things election. Below are the manifesto pledges for the three largest UK-wide parties, across the most important policy areas facing voters this December.

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Conservative Party Manifesto Summary


The premature end to Theresa May’s premiership, ushered in new party leader Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London. After weeks of debate and campaigning, Johnson was elected by the party membership, defeating Jeremy Hunt. Despite being able to bring members of the European Research Group on board with his plans to get Brexit done, Conservative MPs rebelled against the new leadership, resulting in several members losing the party whip. Defeat after defeat, Parliament blocked Johnson’s renewed Brexit Deal, leaving the Prime Minister with no choice but to call an early election. Three attempts later, and here we are just weeks away from voting day. With promises of increased police numbers, new hospitals and tough action on climate change, here is the Conservative Manifesto.


Labour Party Manifesto Summary


There is no mistake that Jeremy Corbyn enjoys being on the campaign trail far more than at the dispatch box. But this is not 2017 and Corbyn has a far more difficult challenger. Labour have generally had a difficult year, with serious concerns on anti-Semitism and party defections. It is only now that voters have a clearer understanding of Labour’s position on Brexit. However, it would be generous to describe the position as being crystal clear and Corbyn’s personal position has brought added confusion. Much like the Conservatives, Labour suffered embarrassing losses at the European Parliament elections and have some catching up to do to level the Conservative’s polling. Regardless of headlines, Labour have momentum and a strong network of dedicated supporters. Labour have gone one step further than in this election and have promised large scale renationalisation, huge reform to employment and cross-country investment in infrastructure. Click to find out what else Labour have to offer.

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto Summary


Like the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats have too seen a change in leadership. Earlier this year Scottish MP Jo Swinson replaced Sir Vince Cable as leader of the party. He left a legacy which included the party's best set of local election results and beating both the Conservatives and Labour Party in the European Parliament elections. With Swinson, they opened their arms to defections from both Labour and the Conservatives, doubling their numbers in the House of Commons. Now, they face an election squeeze with polls showing a decline in the party’s vote share. They continue to battle coalition demons and criticisms for their decision to unilaterally revoke article 50 in the event of a Lib Dem majority, something that in itself that has been challenged. Despite this, their manifesto stands firm, attempting to reclaim the centre ground. Reinstating policies shelved by in the 2015 Conservative Government and reliving pressures across public services, the party aims to reshape the economy around wellbeing. See their highlights here.

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