5 ways to gain traditional media exposure through social media

13 November 2017, Blog

Whilst we are increasingly using social media channels to support our owned media campaigns, such platforms can also be a great route to creating opportunities in traditional print and broadcast channels. With journalists’ resources being stretched to the limit in today’s world of news in real time, here’s five ways to use social media platforms as a means to achieve high profile coverage in the national media.

1. Identify social media channels that your target journalists are using and follow/connect with them. The majority will engage, particularly on twitter although you will also find many journalists using LinkedIn.

2. Establish a relationship with them in the social media arena by commenting on articles they have written either directly on posts they have produced or by mentioning them in posts you are putting out using their username (if on twitter) or full name (if on LinkedIn). Journalists love nothing better than someone taking an interest in their work.

3. Look out for journalist requests for content and experts for interviews. Journalists are particularly using Twitter in this way.

4. Look at what journalists are writing in the mainstream media and present ideas using the direct message functions of twitter and LinkedIn with links with accompanying content. If they’ve just produced a story and you’ve got something that is a perfect follow up social media can help you strike quickly in this way and can prove more fruitful than a direct pitch into a busy newsroom or planning desk.

5. Use video links to bring your story to life and capture the imagination of the journalist. Also, rather than just presenting a backgrounder to an expert within your organization, provide a video clip of them speaking authoritatively about their subject matter. This will not only demonstrate they know what they are talking about and the value they can bring to the media channel, but also shows how composed they are in front of a camera.

Have you used social media to generate mainstream media coverage?  If so, get in touch and share your experiences.


Today’s blog post has been written by Chris Lawrance, Managing Director at JBP. 

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