A Clear Vision For Eye Health

14 January 2015, Blog

Last year JBP began working on a campaign with National Eye Research Centre to highlight the paucity in public funds that go towards eye research.

In fact through our initial research, and a series of Freedom of Information requests of the key Government health research bodies, it was revealed that less than 2% of medical research is focussed on the eye. A startling statistic given that the fear of going blind is second only to being diagnosed with cancer. It’s clear that eye research does not receive the attention it so desperately needs.

The focus of the campaign is to:

  • Produce a comprehensive analysis of eye health in the UK
  • Formulate a campaign to promote a coalition between charity associations across the UK to support the need for the UK government to prioritise eye disease research

JBP initially engaged with eye hospitals, leading health academics and other relevant health charities to build a picture of eye disease and the challenges of addressing it. It has become apparent that the UK is facing a potential epidemic of poor eye health in the future.

An increasingly elderly population combined with a rise in diseases that have serious consequences for eye health, such as diabetes, present a worrying horizon. For example the risk of Macular Degeneration (AMD), one of the most common forms of age related sight loss, quadruples with every decade of life after the age of 60.

What is clear is that the UK is currently not prioritising eye disease research, and the preventative benefits it would bring.

JBP has assisted National Eye Research Centre in formulating a campaign identity: inSIGHTS to a healthy future and establishing a ‘coalition’ of charity supporters including the Royal National Institute for Blind People, Macular Society, JDRF and Diabetes UK.

We are now building towards an important event in the Houses of Parliament in early February which will bring together key parliamentarians, funding bodies, the eye care community the media to hear a call from National Eye Research Centre for more research funding into eye disease.


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