A little less conversation a little more action

25 April 2016, Blog

Saturday (23 April) saw the launch of George Ferguson’s 2020 Action Plan. Crowds of cheering supporters and few jeering opponents gathered in a sunny Anchor Square to hear what the city’s ‘redpants mayor had to say.

His message was clear and well received; others talk, he delivers. Speaking to the hecklers, including mayoral hopeful Paul Saville, he said, “I’m happy to have you here. Conversation is great, I like conversation, but these are the people that don’t deliver.”

Campaigning for a second term, he presented his seven-point action plan, which would deliver a Better Bristol for All. The plan includes:

  • Skills and jobs for all
  • Homes for all
  • Culture and sport for all
  • A sustainable and healthy city for all
  • An independent and safer city for all
  • Efficient transport for all
  • A fairer caring city for all

Talking of the touchy one, transport; Mr Ferguson announced his plans to appoint an independent advisor to continue the review and consultation of Resident Parking Schemes. He also explained how we need to use our smart city and our universities to better transport – it’s not all about concrete infrastructure, it’s about intelligence.

It was great to hear the incumbent mayor’s commitment to Colston Hall’s £45 million transformation: “Having worked closely with Bristol Music Trust and Arts Council England to secure £25 million funding, I will ensure it delivers the Trust’s dream of ‘music for all’. We will complete the Colston Hall transformation and if anyone has £10 million we will change the name!” This was received with laughs and cheers amongst the crowd.

But why George Ferguson?

He claims to be free of party political control and the strings being pulled from elsewhere. City and citizens come first in every single decision and he finds it quite amusing that some mayoral candidates think they can change national policy – “I’m not living in cloud cuckoo land!”

The launch closed with an exclamation about the great city we live in. Bristol is flying high, so let’s keep the momentum going!

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