Analysis: How do Khan and Goldsmith differ on their approach to tackling the key issue of housing?

13 April 2016, Blog

We all know that housing is the key issue that the mayoral election will be fought on. Both Khan and Goldsmith understand this, but have devised different approaches to tackle the issue.

John Dickie, from London First, says that the housing crisis in London is reaching a critical level, saying that the “housing problem in London is now making it difficult for companies to retain staff if they wished to start a family.”

While Goldsmith wants to speed up the rate of housebuilding, Khan wants to radically increase the number of “genuinely affordable” homes for Londoners. Developers are present are able to swerve affordability targets by making financial contributions, but Khan wants to force property developers into meeting stricter targets of 50% per development.

In order to reach his goal of building more houses per year, Goldsmith has said that better quality architecture and more public consultation will help to overcome opposition to new developments.

Despite Khan’s efforts to promote himself as the most ‘pro-business’ mayoral candidate, developers have voiced their concerns about his plans to enforce affordability quotas. People are worried that unrealistic affordable demands will make it too unappealing and will mean development halts in some areas of the capital.

The scale of the housing crisis in London is great and it is clear that the chosen candidate will need to strike a balance between taking decisive action, whilst not deterring investment in the capital.

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