Analysis: Sadiq Khan’s first Mayor’s Question Time

2 June 2016, Blog

Sadiq Khan’s first grilling in front of the Assembly Members was certainly a more serious affair than when Boris Johnson was in the chair. There was a distinct lack of name calling and joking which had defined the sessions over the last eight months. 

The new Conservative chair, Tony Arbour, welcomed the new change in tone, saying: “We are discussing serious business here and we need to ensure that we are taken seriously.”

Khan came under fire from Assembly Members for his support for the Garden Bridge; after he said it would “cost taxpayers more to cancel the plans than build [it].” He was also questioned by AM Andrew Boff about his commitment to build more homes. Confusingly, when probed on a figure of 800,000 new homes from his manifesto pledge, Khan responded by saying that his focus was not on the number of homes, but “building the right type of homes.”

Throughout the Question Time, Khan was keen to press the fact he had inherited an array of problems from his predecessor, but we know that he can only play this card for a limited time, as he will soon become accountable for London’s failures. 

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