Are you a reader or a flicker?

14 August 2013, Blog

Our Bristol MD Chris Lawrance recently attended a round table of business heads, the topic of conversation centred on what time-poor business decision makers like to consume in terms of daily information, when they like to consume it and where they source it.

The general consensus was that senior executives like to:

  • Receive bite-sized  information and rarely read a whole article. Headlines are critical to whether they read on. It was agreed that business people are now ‘flickers’ rather than readers. Twitter and digital publications, which provide a summary of the story, were preferred ways of accessing information
  • Obtain their information from trusted and credible sources whether that be a leading publisher, influential blogger, an authoritative think tank or recognised business advisory firm. The more credible, the more loyalty they would show to that source. A lot of the information disseminated via social media channels was deemed weak and lacking objectivity and independence. Consequently it was not read
  • Catch up on reading during the evening. News is consumed during the working day but running the business means there is not a lot of time to take much  in
  • Be part of a close knit group or network where views and experiences could be shared. It was felt that publishers of information need to provide such an experience and that it wasn’t just about reaching out to a big audience of readers

We’d love to hear your thoughts – how do you consume information?  Are you a reader or a flicker…or both?

Managing Director of JBP’s Bristol office, Chris Lawrance has some 25 years’ experience in the PR industry and has expertise across the full communications mix. At JBP he is responsible for business strategy, client development and relations and new business.

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