Corbyn takes aim at Tories and vows to end London’s housing crisis

16 September 2015, Blog

On Saturday we found out that Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party – he has subsequently confirmed his pledge to end the housing crisis in the capital if he wins in 2020.

Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership contest with a comfortable 59.5 per cent of the 42,664 vote cast after the first round, which by any measure is a striking mandate.  But can he win over the public in the general election in 2020?

Corbyn used his acceptance speech to call for an end  of the current housing crisis, stating he is “fed up with the social cleansing of London by this Tory government.” Addressing Sadiq Khan, the successful Labour candidate for  London Mayor, Corbyn said that “We need a Labour mayor in London who can ensure we do house everyone in London, we do end the sky high rents, we do end insecurity in the private rented sector. We need a Labour mayor to bring that about and Sadiq’s the man to do it.”

It seems Corbyn is heavily reliant on Khan winning the Mayoral election in May next year to drive the change in the capital that he has promised. Nevertheless, he made his stance clear; “We don’t have to be unequal; it doesn’t have to be unfair; poverty isn’t inevitable. Things can, and they will, change.”

Quickly making an alliance with Khan is a good move, but let’s not forget that many front benchers resigned in the wake of Corbyn’s election, and he will be judged on his ability to bring the party back together again, and whether he delivers on his promises for London’s housing.

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