Council plans to halt spread of ‘mega basements’

5 August 2015, Blog

Westminster City Council wants to change its planning policy on applications for basements to ensure they’re approved as part of the normal process. This will mean that, if agreed, all basement applications must be approved by the local authority before development can proceed.

The Council’s decision comes after the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea introduced similar measures in 2014. Currently, many basement extensions can be carried out under permitted development, but Westminster City Council aims to be the second council in the capital to put a stop to the ‘mega-basement’.

Basement developments normally involve scaffolding, panel boards and tarpaulin passageways. They are often very intrusive and take up much of the footpath outside people’s homes. New council guidelines aim to put a stop to disruptive development.

Councillor Robert Davis, deputy leader of Westminster City Council, said: “I want to help stop the horror stories of people living next to mega-basement construction.

“All basements will now go before the council’s planning department, allowing neighbours and local communities to have their say and for developers to demonstrate they will not cause undue harm to neighbours or the character of the area.”

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