Farage blocks Suzanne Evan’s appointment

1 October 2015, Blog

Last month The Spectator reported that UKIP leader Nigel Farage had been trying to block deputy chair Suzanne Evans from becoming the party’s candidate for the London mayoralty, and it seems his efforts have come to fruition.

UKIP has chosen Peter Whittle, the party’s culture spokesperson, ahead of the high profile and bookie’s favourite Suzanne Evans who was acting leader during Farage’s un-resignation. Whittle’s selection follows a change of electoral process inside UKIP; the one London member one vote system was scrapped in favour of a panel of six; at least three of which have been described as ‘Farage loyalists’.

The whole process hints at the rumoured infighting within the party’s ranks, though Whittle told the BBC he wasn’t chosen because of disagreements between Evans and Farage. Despite not being selected, Suzanne Evans will nevertheless stand for the London Assembly elections.

Peter Whittle will be standing against Labour’s Sadiq Khan, while the Conservatives are yet to select a candidate.

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