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24 October 2014, Blog

Dipping your toes into the PR world, whether you’re a graduate, a career changer or an employee; here’s a little insight from the intern out.

First of all we need to forget outdated perceptions of a role that consists of tea-making and photo copying. Instead we need to immerse ourselves into a new generation of interns. Gradually companies are adopting new strategies that enable the intern to flourish and gain a proper insight into the PR environment by being an integrated part of the business. Here is some advice from an intern into the industry.

‘It’s what you make it’

Commonly three months long, PR internships provide graduates with an invaluable period of opportunity. As an intern this is a golden opportunity to show off your skills, grasp hold of a variety of tasks and rack up a bank of evidence to complement them. If there is a particular area that you’d like to develop – in my case at the PR agency, it was my writing skills – make sure you highlight this to your mentor. This is your chance to make your internship about you.

PR companies like do-ers

Speak up, ask questions and show the team that you have the willingness to learn. When you complete work, don’t be afraid to ask your mentor for more. Actively shaping your time spent as an intern highlights initiative. Impressing with a positive, enthusiastic attitude will take you one step closer to becoming a budding account executive.

Go the extra mile

Ask yourself, will this PR team remember me?

It is easy to feel like an outsider as an intern, but the more you integrate yourself within the business the more you get out of it. If you are invited to attend an event outside of the working day, jump at this opportunity. Show your company that you are willing to go the extra mile – the added bonus is that even if you don’t stay on past the internship, you will have made contacts that could benefit you in the future. The PR world circulates around reputation, relationships and who you know so start this now.

Lastly, enjoy it. This may be your first taste of the big wide world, and generally PR companies want it to taste good.

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