Goldsmith announces plans for extra policing on the tube

7 April 2016, Blog

Yesterday (6 April), Zac Goldsmith launched his crime manifesto with the help of Theresa May. The headline was his plan to provide 500 extra police officers to keep Londoners safe on the tube, partly funded by scrapping the ‘friends and family’ passes for TfL workers. He estimates that this would save at least £22m.

Goldsmith’s costs saving estimations are not accepted by TfL, however. In disputing the Tory candidate’s sums, they have stated that the saving would only be £7m.

His proposals have also irked the transport union bosses. Mick Cash, the General Secretary of the RMT, branded Goldsmith’s costings a “total joke”. He argues that extra policing should be funded through tackling tax dodging which he sees as endemic in the capital.

Sadiq Khan, who is also at odds with the TfL over how he will fund his spending freeze, has used Boris and the Government’s record to attack Goldsmith on crime. He says that the “number of police officers in London is down 1,535 since the Tories came to power” and says that he feels that London will be less safe if it stays in Conservative control. 

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