Goldsmith pledges new job creation

13 April 2016, Blog

On Tuesday (12 April), Zac Goldsmith promised to create 500,000 jobs for Londoners over the next four years as part of his manifesto launch.

Goldsmith calculates that 195,000 jobs would be created through the building of 50,000 new homes per year, 286,000 from investment in the transport network and 20,000 deriving from policies expanding broadband and tech hubs.

Official figures show that over 438,000 jobs have been created in London over the past four years under Boris Johnson. However, unemployment is still a significant issue in the capital with the unemployment rate at 6.3% and 290,000 Londoners currently out of work. 

This announcement follows Goldsmith’s pledge yesterday of a £20 million fund to revitalise London’s 600 high streets. The policy seeks to tackle the problem of empty shops and provide regeneration as high streets face threats from high rent costs, online shopping and out-of-town shopping centres.

Both pledges emphasise the centrality of the economy to Goldsmith’s campaign promises, which he today contrasted with the economic damage he believes the ‘Khan-Corbyn experiment’ would create.

Boris Johnson, who attended the manifesto launch, claimed that the mayor would not “add up to a tin of beans unless they can keep the economy strong.”

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