Goldsmith’s campaign faces further accusations of racism

28 April 2016, Blog

Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has come under increasing pressure this week over allegations his flagging campaign has resorted to Islamophobia.

Zac’s ambitions have been blighted in recent months by accusations of dog-whistle politics and underhand tactics. Zac’s campaign team have been quick to fire back on the criticism, claiming that Labour’s Sadiq Khan is in fact the candidate guilty of looking to gain an advantage by any means necessary.

In spite of Goldsmith’s denial, Islamic organisations, such as the Muslim Association of Britain, have said they are “disturbed at how some candidates have gone to extreme measures to attack either Islamic practices or Muslims as a method of attracting support.”

Goldsmith has also come under fire from members of his own party, with unsuccessful Tory General Election candidate Anzia Shawan suggesting that using words like “radical and dangerous to describe Khan is unacceptable.”

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for Zac’s campaign stated that “this allegation is complete nonsense. Only one candidate in this race has an Action Plan for Greater London – a candidate who will keep the economy strong, invest in the transport network and freeze mayoral council tax…. Zac Goldsmith!”

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