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13 October 2013, Blog

As the economic outlook improves, companies with strong growth prospects are becoming increasingly confident about expanding into new markets, bringing in investors and taking on debt. A potentially valuable way of attracting corporate partners, buyers and investors is through raising your profile with the business media.

However, with journalists under significant time pressure and an abundance of companies competing for their attention, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed. The below are just a few considerations which show the importance of being smart about the way you approach the media. If you are able to do this, journalists will be thankful for the material. What’s more, the resulting coverage could generate significant commercial opportunities for your business.   

Tell a story

It may sound obvious but journalists are not looking for bland corporate jargon. They like compelling, differentiated narratives packed with unusual anecdotes – with a beginning, middle and an end. The human interest aspect of this is important, for example, the personal story of the business leader and how this aligns with the company and its strategy.

Build relationships

If journalists are going to believe in your story they really need to meet you in person. Although it is difficult to persuade them to leave their desks, it is only through face-to-face meetings that they will fully understand a company and its strategy.

Show credibility

You can demonstrate this in a number of ways including through financial performance, R&D, endorsement by external analysts and the experience of senior executives.  

Select your news

You need to be realistic about the fact that journalists don’t want to write about one company all the time. Carefully select the news that is most likely to be of interest and work on that basis. Sending out press releases on unimportant subjects every week is counter-productive.

Del Jones is responsible for corporate PR. He joined JBP in 2013 from a leading international communications consultancy, where he worked as an Associate Partner at its London HQ.

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