Housing features in Mayor’s Question Time

24 June 2015, Blog

Mayor’s Question Time took place in City Hall on Wednesday, 17 June and the issue of social housing was again on the agenda.

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson asked about the net additions to housing in London each year. His concern was that the demolition of council houses in the redevelopment of estates such as Aylesbury in Southwark would result in a loss of social housing. The Mayor responded by highlighting his administration’s record in increasing the number of affordable homes by 12,000, compared to a decline of 13,000 under Ken Livingstone’s tenure.

AM Stephen Knight (Lib Dem) questioned the Mayor’s record of building homes on GLA land, which he committed to in his manifesto. Around 1,000 homes out of the promised 39,000 have so far been built. In his response, Johnson argued that they “had disposed of 94 percent of GLA land”, that the administration needs to look towards developing other sites with potential for housing. 

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