How to become a credible voice on social media – 4 ways to flog your blog

24 October 2014, Blog

We all want to get something off our chests or to express an opinion from time to time. A blog is a great channel to do this. However they can provide far greater worth, from doing wonders for your personal credibility, the company’s reputation and online marketing of your business by helping to optimise SEO.

So what do you need to do to ensure the right people see it and read it? Remember, you’re not the only one publishing content – according to over 409 million people globally view more than 15.8 billion pages each month – some competition!

Here are four ways to help you ‘flog your blog’ successfully:



Firstly, you need to make yourself socially accessible; you can do this by using share buttons as well as ensuring your social media accounts are published on all marketing material, including business cards, and next to your biographies on your website.

You can also collect social data as you do other contact details to follow or link with them.

Remember to follow journalists and bloggers who have an interest in your subject and interact with them regularly. Websites such as Followerwonk provide a fully searchable library of Twitter users at the tip of your fingers.

Finally, use hashtags, where appropriate, for example when you are at an event attended by people who you would like to interact with. They also provide you with the perfect search term when monitoring the success of campaigns, so use them wisely.



Content is King. Do you ever see a media publisher posting content about themselves? No, because their audience aren’t interested in them. Independent content is trusted; branded content on the other hand is frowned upon.

It is important to try to develop captivating headlines to draw people in and show off your skills – top tips are always a favourite, for example: Has Britain Got Talent? Five ways in which UK plc can develop its talent to compete globally.

It is often difficult to make your blog stand out from the crowd. There are several ways to make this as easy as possible, for example every year accountants line up to give their views on the budget outcomes. Take a different tact – what the government didn’t want you to know about the budget? Five things that George buried.

Last but not least use video and images to bring your blog to life – according to research photos get 104% more comments and 84% more conversations to blogs and websites than text based content.

Most importantly, you need to share content from credible sources. Third party content from credible sources makes your blog more respected, so get sharing.



Do you research first by working out what social channels are best for your blog and what you want to achieve from it. Don’t just jump on the social media bandwagon. Targeting specifics groups on LinkedIn provides you with a direct avenue to your perfect audience.



Don’t blog in isolation – tie it in with other communications activities that are being undertaken by your organisation for greatest impact. Blogs produce the greatest benefit when they are linked back to where your business best shows off the skills being discussed.

Making a blog successful and fruitful is hard work, but the benefits and outcomes are always worth the input. Follow these steps and you will be heading in the right direction to making your blog a credible voice online.


Written by Managing Director, Chris Lawrance.

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