If you’ve got good news, now’s the time to shout about it

7 October 2014, Blog


With a constant bombardment of terrible reports coming out of Syria and Iraq, the news is quite possibly the most depressing it’s been since the last Iraq war in 2003. Alongside the usual parade of murders, politicking, and government debts, it’s no wonder we’re all feeling pretty fed up.

The flip side of this means that there’s never been a better time for good news. Led by social media sites, we are seeing a growing number of selfless good deeds and charitable acts. Think the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has just been declared the most successful social fundraiser ever, or Stephen Sutton, the plucky 18 year old with terminal cancer, whose incredible determination to help other sufferers saw the nation dig deep and raise millions in a matter of days.

We all want to see happy stories that restore our faith in a seemingly dark world. Huffington Post even has a Good News section on its site, dedicated to sharing the brighter side of life.

Good news doesn’t have to be of epic proportion to hit the headlines –just an example of something that’s inspiring, positive or simply working well. Entrepreneurial success stories, local companies reaching milestones or overcoming obstacles, or employees doing something quirky all go down a treat.

So, if you’re looking to make some noise about your business, see if you can find some positive news to share. You may just find yourself making headlines for all the right reasons. 

By Senior Account Director, Catherine Frankpitt.

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