JBP: Getting to know Sadiq Khan

20 May 2016, Blog

JBP Senior Counsel Paul Smith gave a breakfast briefing on the priorities and policies of the new Mayor Sadiq Khan to assembled senior business leaders at JBP’s London office at Smith Square on Wednesday the 18th.

Sadiq Khan was elected on May the 5th with the largest vote in the history of the London Mayoralty and has the largest individual mandate of any individual UK politician.

Paul analysed the election results from May 5th and forecast that given the growing demographic favourability of London to Labour, that Khan is well placed for a second term in four years time.

After working as a strategy consultant on Sadiq Khan’s successful primary campaign for the Labour nomination, Paul gave a detailed presentation on the new Mayor’s key policy directions and personal story.

He emphasized that now was an opportune time for business to look at ways to work with the Mayor delivering on his mandate from the voters especially in the delivery of affordable housing and infrastructure.

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