Jowell launches mayoral bid with housebuilding pledge

27 May 2015, Blog

Former Labour MP Tessa Jowell has launched her bid to be London’s next mayor by pledging a new housebuilding scheme for the city. Her first day in office would see the creation of the ‘Homes For Londoners’ body tasked with building affordable housing using public subsidy and city-owned land.

Jowell warned that the capital is “at risk of becoming two cities” in a speech focused on a theme that is all too apparent to many of the city’s residents. The former Olympics minister said she would use her experience of bringing the Games to London in order to deliver reasonably priced homes quickly. She claimed unused land from Transport for London alone could be utilised to provide 2,000 homes per year for two decades.

With the capital providing Labour with some consolation to their comprehensive defeat in the general election, London looks set to elect a Labour mayor in 2016 based on high levels of support. And whilst Jowell is the favourite to win the Labour nomination, she takes a cautious tone in her outlook, saying “I’ve heard people say London is a Labour city. Well, London hasn’t voted for a Labour mayor since 2004. There have been four mayoral elections – and Labour has won just one of them”.

She added the importance of needing to win Tory votes, pledging to be the candidate for “One London”.

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