Khan and Corbyn; Shoulder-to-shoulder or head-to-head?

16 September 2015, Blog

Neither Jeremy Corbyn nor Sadiq Khan started as the frontrunners. Apart from a rogue result in June, every opinion poll consistently predicted Khan wouldn’t win the Labour candidacy for London Mayor. Much has been made of the politics of Corbyn, but what of Khan’s, and will he follow his new Leader’s direction?

In his first newspaper interview conducted with the Evening Standard he stressed his independence, saying “If you look at my last 10 years in Parliament, one thing nobody can accuse me of is being scared of my leader.” He also emphasised how, as London Mayor, he wouldn’t be in a Corbyn government, “I fought this campaign on who I am. I can set out what my vision is, what I want to do. Being in government is a bit different, you have collective responsibility, you’re a team player.”

Jeremy Corbyn stated in Monday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party his three top priorities are housing, next year’s elections in Scotland and Wales and wining the general election in 2020. Similarly, in June of this year, Khan wrote a piece for the New Statesman’s The Staggers titled ‘Solving the housing crisis will be at the heart of my mayoralty’. In the article he stated his intention to not only form but also personally lead a new “London Homes Team” which will “work around the clock on getting London building”.

You can read a more thorough analysis of Sadiq Khan by JBP’s James Hargrave here.

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