Khan continues with cycling scheme

4 August 2016, Blog

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has given the go-ahead to Cycle Superhighway 11, which will run from Swiss Cottage in north-west London to the West End. It will include alterations to the Swiss Cottage gyratory system, see the closure of half of Regent’s Park’s gates, and result in potential disruptions along the whole route.

The decision is seen as an indication that the new mayor won’t block the Cycle Superhighways programme, a favourite of the previous Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson. Khan is under pressure to clean up the air in London and reduce pollution as well as congestion and it’s clear he sees encouraging Londoners to cycle as a means to achieve that. Khan said the new route would “play an important role improving the quality of our toxic air, improving Londoners’ health, and make thousands more people feel comfortable cycling.

While 60% of people backed the scheme in a consultation, there have been high profile detractors including London Zoo, who are worried the closure of four of Regent’s Park’s eight gates may shrink visitor numbers. To assuage fears, the Mayor added: “I’ve asked TfL to continue to work closely with the local councils and stakeholders to ensure we minimise any disruption to motorists and other road users, both during the construction of the scheme and after it’s completed.

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