Khan’s change of heart

17 February 2016, Blog

Sadiq Khan has caused a stir this week by seemingly executing a u-turn on his support for the so called ‘mansion tax’.

Labour’s mayoral candidate announced his change in stance when addressing a group of London business leaders on Wednesday (10 February). The MP for Tooting allegedly claimed that the mansion tax is “dead and buried.”

The tax was initially proposed by Ed Miliband prior to the 2015 election, but has since been endorsed by Jeremy Corbyn. If introduced, the tax would be levied in the form of an annual charge against those in the capital who own a property valued in excess of £2m.

Khan had previously claimed that the charge was fair, arguing that it is right “ask the very wealthiest to contribute just a little bit more.” He even went as far as to suggest that the mansion tax could play a pivotal role in future funding of the NHS.

Critics allege that Khan’s decision is suggestive of his desire to appease businesses in the city.  Some political commentators have suggested that there is more to it than that, and that Khan is looking to distance himself from Jeremy Corbyn.  

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