JBP helps to kickstart debate around the future of Civic Universities

17 July 2018, Blog

Over the last four months, JBP has been working with the University of Plymouth planning a high-profile launch of its Economic and Social Impact Report. The launch was designed to be part of a wider debate about the role of the Civic University in the 21st century.

The recently established Civic University Commission (CUC) has been conducting a major new independent inquiry across the country into the future of the Civic University and how it can be most successful within the current higher education environment.

Within this context, on Friday 6th July Alistair Jarvis, CEO of Universities UK delivered a keynote address at the University’s main campus, which was attended by over 100 individuals from a combination of government, the private, public, third sector and the business community.
The event provided a valuable opportunity to discuss how business and society can benefit from university research and innovation as well as creating a platform to launch the University of Plymouth’s new Economic and Social Impact Report.

The report, undertaken between summer and autumn 2017, provides an independent in-depth analysis of the University’s socio-economic impact on the city, region and UK. It found the University contributes around £900m to the UK economy, supports close to 8,000 full time jobs and its students delivered over 27,400 hours of voluntary work in 2016/2017.

There was a great deal of insightful and varied discussion from the five panellists including how to make academic research more accessible to the public and using meaningful partnership to achieve the most effective community outreach work.

The University of Plymouth will be continuing to engage with the Civic University Commission in the coming months.

Click here to read a summary of the report

Photo caption:
Professor Iain Stewart, Director of the University of Plymouth Sustainable Earth Institute (Chair), Adrian Dawson- Director of Research and Innovation, the University of Plymouth, Professor Judith Petts- Vice-Chancellor, University of Plymouth, Richard Brabner – Director of the UPP Foundation, Rozzy Amos – Director of the South Region, The Princes Trust, Deborah Fraser – South West Regional Director of the CBI, Alastair Jarvis – CEO of Universities UK.

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