Latest poll puts Khan and Labour on course for victory in London elections

28 April 2016, Blog

Electoral victory is looking increasingly likely for Sadiq Khan; as yet another poll places him 11 points ahead of Goldsmith.

The YouGov poll, published last Friday (22 April), showed 31% would choose Khan as their first preference compared to 20% picking Goldsmith if the Mayoral election were tomorrow. UKIP’s Peter Whittle received 5% in the poll, the Green Party candidate Sian Berry and Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon were chosen by 4% each, and the Respect Party’s George Galloway received a mere 1%.

The results also revealed that Labour was leading in voting intention for the election of members of the London Assembly, with 33% picking the party for their vote within their constituency and 31% for their London-wide vote. This compared to 21% for the Conservatives in constituency votes, and 20% for the London-wide vote.

Associate Director at YouGov, Laurence Janta-Lipinski, gave a damning assessment of Goldsmith’s chances in the wake of the poll, stating “Sadiq is on course for victory, built on his party’s core vote, while Zac Goldsmith is left with a mountain to climb.”

In addition to trailing behind in voting intention, more people said the Conservative backbench MP would “cost them more”, was “slippery” and “out of touch” than his Labour rival. On the other hand, a larger number of those polled believed that Khan would improve their “quality of life”, “tackle extremism” and “keep Londoners safe.”

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