London looking to the skies for inspiration

22 April 2015, Blog

The UK’s capital is set to build its way to the heavens with construction plans for 200 new skyscrapers. With 70 tall buildings already underway, London is experiencing somewhat of a ‘construction boom’ and may soon rival cities such as New York when it comes to tall structures.

Traditionally, skyscrapers have been restricted to The City and Canary Wharf, with many being situated along the banks of the Thames. However, recent planning applications suggest that London hopes to extend the skyscraper reach to Lewisham, Brent and Croydon, with most of the applications being for high-end flats.

A report released in March by New London Architecture and property consultant GL Hearn revealed that a total of 263 buildings higher than 20 storeys are currently in the planning process or already being built. 70 of these are under construction, 117 have been given planning permission and another 76 are awaiting approval. The report claims that the new builds will create a total of 14,800 homes.

With housing high on the agenda as we approach the General Election, the plans to build more high rises have been met with mixed opinion. London has historically been a ‘low-rise’ city, with small amounts of skyscrapers placed strategically around the capital. The upcoming plans will certainly change the face of London for good and critics have suggested that the high-rises will only serve to exacerbate the soaring rents and house prices London residents already face.  

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