London Mayor vetoes plans to expand London City Airport

8 April 2015, Blog

Following approval in February for the redevelopment of London City Airport by Newham Borough Council, London Mayor Boris Johnson has stepped in to put a halt to the planned expansion. The redevelopment would have seen the airport operate up to a permitted 111,000 annual flights, in comparison to the current 70,000.

In a statement issued by the Mayor’s office, Johnson has vetoed the planning application on the basis that “granting the planning permission …would lead to an unacceptable increase in noise for East Londoners” and would “blight the lives of thousands of people”.

Newham Council’s Mayor Sir Robin has criticised Johnson’s decision, accusing the London Mayor of being “more interested in chasing election votes in Uxbridge than securing vital jobs and investment in east London”. The airport’s CEO Declan Collier, has also been dismissive of the recent announcement, stating the irony in “denying the capital the business opportunity presented” given Johnson’s well known platform as being “one of advantage for business in London”.

In light of the Mayor’s rejection of the redevelopment, London City Airport has said that it will now be weighing up its response to Johnson and will make a decision on what action to take at a later date.  

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