Londoners decisively back Remain vote

16 June 2016, Blog

We all expect the EU Referendum vote will be very close on 23 June, but a YouGov poll has revealed that voters in the capital will decisively back Remain by 57% to 43%.

The poll shows that young voters are most likely to vote in, but there is a fear that the turnout in the 18-24 age group will be poor. According to the research, “half of younger Londoners (aged 18-24) admit they might not bother voting.”

By contrast, the older generations in London are more likely to support Brexit and to go to the polling station to vote. YouGov’s found that “a majority of Londoners aged over 65 want to get out — and almost eight in 10 of them say they will definitely vote.”

In terms of the economy, the consensus is that a Brexit vote would be detrimental to the marketplace. Almost half of people who want to Remain think they would personally be made worse off by a Brexit and only one in five believe that house prices will go down if we stay in the EU.

Given that London is “consistently the most pro-European part of England”, the Remain camp will be banking on high turn out from the London electorate in order to secure Britain’s membership of the EU. 

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