Londoners’ to pay the price for Khan’s fare freeze

16 June 2016, Blog

One of Sadiq Khan’s headline pledges in his successful campaign to become Mayor of London was a promise that “Londoners won’t pay a penny more of their travel in 2020 than they do today.” Rival campaigns were sceptical when the comments were first said, but speaking on the Sunday Politics Khan said: “Unlike any other candidate, I’ve actually got experience of being a minister in transport… My fares freeze is fully funded.”

Four weeks after his victory however, Khan is already facing criticism over claims he has is back-tracking. The fare freeze will only apply to single and Pay As You Go fares, leaving Londoners and regular commuters who use travel cards, or those who reach the daily limit on their Oyster card or contactless card, paying increased fares.

The Mayor defended his promise to London Assembly members: “If all fares were frozen including those set by the Department for Transport, TfL would have to compensate the DfT for lost revenue”, adding it was the responsibility of the Department for Transport – a government department he has no control over and was once a minister in– to make sure they “fulfil a promise that I made to Londoners”.

On the campaign trail in February Khan told journalists: “Zac Goldsmith has a secret plan to hike travel costs for all Londoners by up to £1,095… The choice at this election has never been clearer: a fully funded plan to freeze fares under me, or more massive fare hikes under Zac Goldsmith.”

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