London’s most pro-business mayor?

16 March 2016, Blog

Back in Autumn 2015 Sadiq Khan told City AM ”I want to be the most pro-business mayor we have ever had”, very rightly noting that “perception for the last few years has been that Labour is not pro-business”, and recognising that solving this weakness will be required for him to win City Hall. This pro-business ambition is one Khan has repeated on many occasions, and is even mentioned in the business section of his campaign website. Business, however, doesn’t seem to believe in Khan’s pro-business credentials.

A survey by ComRes for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry found that 65% of London business leaders believe Khan’s rival Zac Goldsmith is pro-business, compared to just 39% for Khan himself. It does appear though that Khan is persuading the business community. 39% is an improvement on the 29% he received in a similar poll conducted in November 2015.

Still, pro-business credentials are unlikely to be a deciding factor in the capital. Transport, infrastructure, social equality and most of all housing are issues seen as most important to the electorate in deciding their vote for the Mayoralty.

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