Mayor of London approves new homes development in West London

11 November 2015, Blog

A planning framework to deliver more than 25,500 new homes and the creation of up to 65,000 jobs at Old Oak and Park Royal in West London has been approved by Mayor Boris Johnson. The framework aims to create a new urban neighbourhood at Old Oak, supporting a minimum of 24,000 new homes with an additional 1,500 in non-industrial locations in Park Royal.

Old Oak is set to become a new home to a world class High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail station by 2026, handling 250,000 passengers a day and acting as a super hub between London and the rest of the UK, Europe and the world. The creation of the new High Speed 2, Crossrail and National Rail interchange is aimed at regenerating the area and contributing significantly to London’s competitiveness; as well as protecting and enhancing Park Royal as a strategic industrial location.

The Mayor believes the site could create tens of thousands of new homes and provide almost 14% of Greater London’s employment needs up to 2031, with early estimates of a £7bn annual contribution to the UK economy. Sir Edward Lister, deputy mayor for planning and chairman of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, said: “London urgently needs new homes and commercial space to meet its ever growing population and there can be no doubt that the regeneration of Old Oak represents a real opportunity to meet those needs.”

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