Mayoral manifestos

16 March 2016, Blog

With both Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith’s London mayoral campaigns in full swing, they have both published their manifestos that tell the capital’s electorate what they will do if they are the chosen one.

Labour’s candidate has made his pledges in Sadiq Khan for London: A Manifesto for all Londoners, a manifesto that he hopes will ensure that all Londoners get the opportunities that the capital gave to him. In it he vows to ensure that 50 per cent of new homes are “genuinely affordable” and makes a commitment to freeze fares on Transport for London services for the four year term. His opponents and critics have questioned Khan’s ability to deliver both of these flagship policies, citing TfL’s estimate that his fares pledge could cost almost four times Labour’s claimed £450m price tag.

The Conservative candidate Goldsmith has published his Living Environment Manifesto, a document that is quite literally greenwashed with plenty of green backgrounds and images of trees. As well as doubling home building to 50,000 new homes by 2020 and improving the capacity and reliability of London’s transport, on his list is protecting the green belt.

With just over seven weeks to go until Election Day, only time (and perhaps the polls for a change) will tell who will get the opportunity to put their plan into action.

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