Mayor’s Question Time 16 July

22 July 2015, Blog

Boris Johnson answered questions from assembly members at Mayor’s Question Time on 16 July. In his opening statement, the mayor mentioned that the first meeting of the London Land Commission – a body aimed at freeing up public land for development – was ‘successful’. More information on the launch can be found here.

When questioned about the Government’s proposals to force London authorities to sell off high values assets, Johnson said he was supportive of local government asset sales on council houses but that he had made clear that profits should be kept in London for the provision of new houses.

Labour AM Nicky Gavron asked what the mayor is doing to secure as many affordable homes as possible, given that developers are using viability assessments to drive down the number of affordable homes they build. Johnson did not have a solid answer, but conceded that there was a ‘huge opportunity to build more’ affordable housing, adding that in some cases developers were ‘getting away with not building such housing. He did argue, however, that his administration had built a ‘record’ amount of affordable homes and that 32% of total housing stock across London was still affordable housing.

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