Mini Shard divides opinion

6 January 2016, Blog

Proposals for the £1billion regeneration of land near Paddington Station have been submitted to Westminster Council for consideration. 

The plans include the creation of a 65 storey ‘mini shard’, which, if approved, will dominate the West London Skyline. The 225 metre tower has been designed by Renzo Piano, the same architect responsible for the Shard at London Bridge.  

The scheme, dubbed ‘31 London Road’, is being brought forward by Sellar Property Group. The Group’s Chief Executive, Irvine Sellar, has not minced his words when describing the current state of the area around Paddington Station.  Sellar has accused the area of not only being “lifeless and dull”, but a “throwback to a 1950s time warp.

Sellar’s plans have not been well received by everyone.  A number of local residents and businesses have raised concerns regarding the impact the tower will have on the levels of light reaching their property.  Historic England have also objected to the proposals, claiming that the ‘mini shard’ will cause unacceptable harm to protected views – the height of the tower has in fact been increased since this objection was raised. 

Regardless of the opposition, there is a significant clamour among certain circles within Westminster Council to see the regeneration proposals realised. 

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