New London planning guidance published

27 May 2015, Blog

On the 21st May, the Greater London Authority published the Social Infrastructure Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG); providing guidance for borough planners, public health practitioners, developers and their consultants, community and neighbourhood groups, and local authority directors of public health.

The guidance builds on strategic planning policies set out in the London Plan and seeks to help and encourage planning authorities to implement social infrastructure within a community, and to “spur community interaction and social capital by identifying where opportunities exist around community aspirations or existing facilities”.

The document promotes the strategy of developing “lifetime neighbourhoods”, as specified in the London Plan. These are areas where people should have a good quality environment, in an active and supportive local community with optimal access to services, infrastructure and public transport.

Sir Edward Lister, deputy mayor for policy and planning, has said that “London’s incredible population boom is testament to the fact that this is the best big city on the planet. For that to continue, we need to make sure that we have enough schools, GP surgeries, community venues, green spaces and places of worship and that they are situated in the right place.”

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