New poll places Jowell on top

19 August 2015, Blog

The latest YouGov poll commissioned for LBC radio has suggested that Tessa Jowell is the favourite to become Labour’s candidate for the role of London Mayor. 

Once all the “don’t knows” and “none of these” had been omitted from the sample of 1153 London adults, 42% of people thought that the former Olympics minister would be the best person for the job, out of the six people currently in the running.  Sadiq Khan polled in second place, receiving exactly half the proportion of Jowell’s support from Londoners. Diane Abbot came in third, followed by David Lammy, Christian Wolmar and finally Gareth Thomas who came in last with 4%. 

Jowell will also be pleased with another outcome of the survey, which highlights that when the “not sures” are excluded; she is ahead of the Conservative favourite Zac Goldsmith by 53% to 47%. Looking further at a breakdown of results, 58% of people who voted Conservative in the General Election earlier this year think that she is Labour’s best candidate. It is worth noting, however, that Jowell’s lead ’s lead has narrowed sharply since YouGov’s last poll. 

While Sadiq Khan maintains the backing of London’s largest trade unions, this latest poll would suggest that Jowell is her party’s strongest candidate to beat Goldsmith. 

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