Sadiq Khan edges ahead in new YouGov Poll

20 January 2016, Blog

The first poll since November on voting intentions in the upcoming mayoral election has been released by YouGov for LBC Radio. It sampled just over 1,000 London adults in early January and showed that Khan has increased his lead over Goldsmith by five points since November. Khan is up to 31% from 26% in November whilst Goldsmith remains on 24%. UKIP at 11% poll are ahead of the Lib Dems at 4%.

Political commentators blamed Goldsmith’s lack of policies for his position in the polls. However, the release of his Action Plan for Greater London yesterday (19 January) may help to address this issue.

Although Khan’s camp will be bolstered by the news, it is still very early in the race and nearly a third of voters surveyed were undecided.  Furthermore, Asa Bennett from the Telegraph, told LBC that Goldsmith should not be too concerned, saying that Khan’s lead is very “surmountable.”

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