Sadiq Khan promises to provide the “clean, green energy of the future”

20 April 2016, Blog

On Sunday (17 April), Sadiq Khan introduced the ambitious Energy for Londoners, which would provide both cleaner and greener energy and put London at the forefront of green energy if Khan is elected.

Energy for Londoners would seek to provide an overhaul of energy policy in the capital by introducing schemes such as the Bunhill Energy Centre which uses waste heat to warm homes, a solar strategy that creates energy by utilising TfL and public buildings, and closer work with housing associations and local authorities to increase energy efficiency in social housing.

With over a million Londoners living in fuel poverty, Khan aims to tackle high energy prices by exploring bulk buying energy and replicating the Robin Hood Energy scheme launched by Labour-led Nottingham City Council which provides special tariffs for Nottingham residents. Additionally, he promised more democratic accountability and offers support for communities wanting to set up clean energy generation schemes.

Contrasting with the cuts made by the government to the low carbon energy sector, the Tooting MP promised investment in business growth and jobs in the clean energy sector in order to make London a leader in the field. Khan even suggested that publically owned not-for-profit energy companies were a possibility if he’s elected.

Khan summarised that he’s “doubly determined to make London once again a beacon to the world and a cleaner, greener city that offers affordable energy to its residents.”

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