The also rans

3 February 2016, Blog

In the first round of the YouGov poll taken at the start of January, Goldsmith and Khan hoovered up 80% of the vote between them. You’d be forgiven for not knowing there is anyone else running. Who are these future also-rans?

There’s Peter Whittle, the UKIP candidate and his party’s culture spokesperson. As well as supporting the typical UKIP fare of anti-EU and anti-immigration sentiment, he describes himself as a Peckham lad who wants to protect local communities. Whittle was controversially selected over UKIP’s deputy chair Suzanne Evans after rumours of disagreements between Evans and the party’s dominating leader, Nigel Farage.

Then there’s Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat candidate. She’s been a London Assembly Member and a Southwark Borough Councillor, whose plan for London focuses on alleviating the housing crisis – a problem felt keenly by many Londoners. Apart from rising rents, Pidgeon also wants to introduce measures to help people afford to live in the capital, including transport subsidies for low-paid workers.

Then there are the ‘others’. The Green’s candidate is Sian Berry, who wants to focus on housing like Caroline Pidgeon and has a bold proposal to replace London City Airport with affordable and social housing. There’s also George Galloway, who’ll be standing for the Respect Party after losing his seat in Bradford West in the 2015 general election.

Don’t forget these names just yet however; Whittle, Pidgeon and Berry are all seeking seats in the London Assembly, the 25-strong body that holds the Mayor to account.

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