The foundations of business relations

5 December 2014, Blog

Human qualities and emotions are a powerful tool in communications. A recent article written by Harriet Swain in the Guardian, Putting the love back into business has inspired me to consider the importance of tapping into universal human qualities in the PR world. It is easy to get bogged down with complex business strategies that will achieve our client’s goals, causing us to forget about important qualities like trust, fairness, honesty and love. These qualities build the foundations and sustain invaluable relationships with our clients.

PR companies and clients

Becoming an integrated part of a client’s business is at the core of every PR company. This is largely shaped by qualities like trust and honesty that create beneficial working relationships and achieve effective results. It is in every client’s interest to work with a PR company that knows them inside and out and understands their core values. If a company is able to illustrate these values, integrate themselves into a client’s business, whilst thinking strategically it will produce uniquely tailored, effective PR.

Client relationships are nurtured by the attitude of an organisation 

The universal human qualities mentioned above should also be prevalent in our own company. It is important to believe in a strong set of values that defines the tone of an organisation and states its purpose. Setting company values helps unify an organisation, creating a common vision and understanding between everyone to work towards a larger goal.

From the top to the bottom

If employers and employees care about each other and share mutual values the organisation will be sought after by those looking for these important qualities. The business will thrive if the relationships it has both internally and externally are cherished. Forming a good rapport with your client will further promote your PR companies reputation and therefore build on future relationships with potential clients.

Relationships will promote success, and as Swain suggests, the best relationships are those that follow a clear set of simple values that tap into human qualities. The PR industry should learn from Swain and believe that if all employees within an organisation proudly voice and adopt its values, the organisation will foster a wide variety of relationships, with untapped potential.


Written by Account Executive, Caragh Jones.

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