The mayoral race as it stands

14 October 2015, Blog

Five London mayoral candidates have announced their support for the banning of vehicles from Oxford Street, including Labour’s candidate Sadiq Khan and the Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith. The pedestrianistion of Oxford Street is intended to provide cyclists and pedestrians with more space, although Westminster Council has said that businesses on Oxford Street were “not in favour of full pedestrianisation”.

Sadiq Khan said pedestrianizing Oxford Street was part of his vision of “expanding the number of car-free areas across the city”; whilst Zac Goldsmith vowed to “do everything necessary” to make cycling safer.

A recent YouGov survey has shown that Khan and Goldsmith are neck and neck in the race to become the next Mayor of London, with Khan’s support at 51% and Goldsmith’s at 49%. Furthermore, when asked which candidate would make the better mayor, 29% of respondents chose Khan and 28% chose Goldsmith; whilst 44% said they were not sure.

YouGov’s editor-in-chief, Freddie Sayers said “What’s remarkable is just how evenly matched the two men are, right down to the different aspects of their personality. Likeable? Its 41%/41%. Good in a crisis? 26%/27%. Up to the job of Mayor? 38%/39%”.

However, the most significant difference between the candidates was when people were asked whether the candidates are ‘in touch with ordinary people’; 41% think Khan is, compared to only 18% for Goldsmith. Sayers believes that Goldsmith’s multi- millionaire status is his one weak point and he expects Khan to “make a lot of noise about it”.

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