The mayoral race in the New Year

6 January 2016, Blog

The start of the New Year has signalled intensification of the mayoral race. To mark this, Radio 4’s Today Programme has been running interviews with the candidates. Monday was Sadiq Khan and yesterday it was Zac Goldsmith’s turn. Khan had a better chance to set out his position and polices than Goldsmith whose interview was overshadowed by attempts to respond to Khan’s allegation that he is “playing the race card.”

The statistics favour Khan on paper. London is a predominately Labour city – Labour won 400,000 more votes than the Conservatives in May 2015. It can be said that Khan has a larger bank of voters to mobilise when it comes to the crunch in May. Only 9,200 Conservative Party members took part in the primary election to select Zac Goldsmith compared with the 80,000+ who took part in Labour’s contest. The Labour candidate is also bolstered by trade union support.

We await the arrival of the latest opinion poll to see what the latest snapshot is. But the Prime Minister’s housing initiatives alongside Zac this week demonstrate that Downing Street believe there is all to play for. 

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