The rise of Vine

7 March 2014, Blog

Producing a concise pitch is the key to selling any product, and is essential to gaining media coverage. But could you do it in six seconds?

If the answer is no, then you better start revising your pitch because the staggering popularity of Vine is changing the way businesses present their products and communicate with their customers.

A social pedigree

Founded by the creator of Twitter, Vine allows users to create a six second video that has offered new opportunities for creativity and free promotion to businesses of all sizes.

With a user base of over 15 million and five tweets per second containing a Vine link, the app is quickly becoming the stand-out star of social media in 2014, following its introduction last year. Early corporate adopters are already reaping the rewards, with branded vines four-times more likely to be seen than regular branded video.

Free for all

With every employee carrying a device capable of shooting high-definition video, brands no longer need to spend £1,000s on a flashy corporate video that will quickly go out of date – Vine offer the opportunity to show off your creativity and flare with a snapshot of your latest event, product or even your offices for free.

The Times newspaper has been an avid adopter of Vine and has today started using the app to present a snapshot of its newspaper content. This is a new and highly effective way of teasing content and it is only a matter of time before their competition copies this approach.

While Vine does not replace the need for high-production, professional video, it does allow brands to experiment and share their products in a completely new way, with no more cost than creativity and a few finger taps. 2014 is the year of the photo and the video, so there is no better time to start than now.

Tom Spencer is a Senior Consultant at JBP PR & Parliamentary affairs, working on a wide range of integrated B2B and B2C PR campaigns. He is responsible for the strategy, management and development of a number of high-profile accounts at JBP.

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