Third runway at Heathrow Airport recommended by Commission

8 July 2015, Blog

Following three years of discussion, the Davies Airports Commission has finally made recommendations for Heathrow to have a third runway, with the potential for Gatwick expansion as well.

Conservative MP and favourite for London Mayor, Zac Goldsmith, has long been opposed to the expansion at Heathrow, deeming the policy “appalling”; a view shared by the current Mayor Boris Johnson. This is of course somewhat problematic for the Prime Minister and the Chancellor who have promised to respond to Davies by the end of the year.  

The Labour Party is equally divided on the issue; Dianne Abbott, Sadiq Khan and Christian Wolmar have all come out in opposition to the prospect of a third runway. Gareth Thomas has, in comparison backed the proposal; believing that “Londoners support airport expansion and understand the number of jobs it can bring to the area”.

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