Three wise men: a forecast from JBP

22 December 2015, Blog

As the year comes to a close, three of our wisest men look forward to the new year…

Clarence Mitchell, Senior Counsel

“In 2016 the communications function will finally consolidate its boardroom position as CEOs at last understand its vital importance as a core business component, not simply a marketing or crisis add-on.

“In politics, Jeremy Corbyn will continue to be the gift that keeps on giving, not because of any supposed right-wing Fourth Estate agenda, simply because his radicalism – and past – fail so spectacularly to connect with the Tier 1 Middle England audience.

“In media, Twitter will continue to sparkle with instantaneous brilliance as its slow decline rolls on.

“And Tyson Fury will need to hire a particularly firm comms adviser if he’s to avoid becoming as big a media punch bag as one of his own……oh wait, too late.”

Chris Lawrance, Managing Director

“2016 will be the year when companies in the B2B space become more digitally sophisticated as they see it as key to gaining a competitive edge when it comes to communications.

“Gradually more B2B companies are seeing the power of great content which can entice audiences to engage with them. ‘Owned media’ where you are effectively the publisher of material will become as important as ‘earned media’ where you provide your material to a media outlet for publication. Websites are a great example of this trend. Increasingly companies are using this medium as a source of great content for their stakeholders, relating to aspects of interest in their markets.

“In addition to upping the content game, 2016 will also be the year where the more digitally savvy B2B companies recognise the full benefits of this medium including:

  • The opportunity to track conversations about organisations and competitors, providing vital business insights and informing future communications activities
  • The increased development of communications assets such as infographics and video content that will enable organisations to get their points and stories across in a much more visual and engaging way
  • Engaging with those that matter by taking a quality over quantity approach to the social media communities they develop.

James Turgoose, Director

“Nearly all of the political class was entirely wrong in its predictions for 2015 so trying to accurately forecast what 2016 has in store is a risky business.

“That being said the future of Britain’s membership of the EU will dominate the Westminster agenda in the first half of 2016. Following a referendum that will deliver a pretty emphatic result to remain in, the next question will be how long David Cameron remains in Downing Street.

“North of the border expect the SNP to almost repeat their landslide 2015 result at the Scottish elections in May, whilst in Wales Labour could easily lose control. Jeremy Corbyn’s one bright spot will be in London where Sadiq Khan will narrowly claim the Mayoralty.

“It will be another growth year for the public affairs industry as political uncertainty around the roll out of devolution, planning policy and the UK’s place in the EU increases the demand for intelligence and strategic advice.”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!

JBP Staff Member

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