Top Tier talent draining away from City Hall?

25 March 2015, Blog


Victoria Borwick’s recent selection as Conservative parliamentary candidate for Kensington marks the latest attempt by a key figure of London politics to announce their intention to stand at the General Election. The others include Mayor Boris Johnson (Uxbridge), James Cleverly (Braintree), Andrew Dismore (Hendon), and Kit Malthouse (North West Hampshire).

With the extra commitments that electioneering entails, there is a worry that their priorities will be elsewhere in the run-up to the election. Their decisions also raise questions about whether they will remain in their role at the GLA if they are successful in their Westminster bids. The Mayor has publicly committed to serving out his mayoral term which expires in May 2016. 

All this uncertainty could represent a year where London’s priorities in City Hall are somewhat overlooked. Labour group leader, Len Duvall, has cottoned onto the drift away from City Hall to Westminster, telling the Evening Standard that Johnson and senior Conservative colleagues are “in full retreat from City Hall to pursue ambitions elsewhere, and claiming that it increasingly looks as though London will be “left treading water until 2016.


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