Tories ramp up attack on Khan’s housing and fares policies

3 February 2016, Blog

Zac Goldsmith has launched a broadside on his Labour rival’s policies for fares and housing as the London mayoral election is now less than 100 days away. In the renewed attack by the Tory hopeful, he has called the Labour candidate Sadiq Khan’s proposals “fantasy plans” which would do very little to help Londoners.

Mr Khan has promised a freeze on fares for the full four year term, which he claims will cost around £450m. But Goldsmith has highlighted TfL’s own figures which claim the policy would cost £1.9bn, a loss that he claims would mean “serious cuts to essential programmes like the tube upgrades”. Incumbent mayor Boris Johnson added to the criticism, claiming that his would-be successor would need to plug the gaps in TfL’s income “by whacking up council tax or putting in new congestion charges”.

Network extensions currently planned by TfL, such as the extension of the London Overground to Barking Riverside, are part of a plan to build of thousands of new homes. Goldsmith believes these homes would be jeopardised if TfL were forced to scale back its plans in the face of lower than expected fares income. 

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