What are the most important issues for Londoners at the General Election?

22 April 2015, Blog

Housing is the issue that is dominating the rhetoric in the run up to May 7. The issue does not make the top three on a national level, but it does in London.  With the population of London increasing by 100,000 a year, demand is outstripping supply. Londoners are also understandably concerned about the barriers to home ownership.

Politicians are aware that the housing shortage and sky-high prices in the capital are matters that are paramount to city-dwellers. The three main parties have recognised the concerns in their promises to voters. The Conservatives have made housing one of their six national election themes while Labour and the Liberal Democrats have repeated pledges to build new homes at volume.

The economy, the NHS, transport and education are other issues that are positioned at the top of the agenda for London voters. Unsurprisingly, polls show that immigration is of lesser importance in London compared to the country as a whole.  In fact the Telegraph recently released a map clearly illustrating concerns about immigration are highest in areas where it is least prevalent.  

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